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Quality matters for your business

Bitdos engineers are constantly researching and testing emerging technologies, bench-marking against the industries best hosting platforms to ensure we deliver our customers the best possible hosting experience.

Bitdos managed hosting leverages industry leading caching, performance tuning technologies, in-house advanced security, and is backed by the highly scalable, highly-available Google data center whose data center are used by top companies in the world.

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Connecting people across continents

We use with only the best facilities in the world so that our infrastructure is built on the most powerful and innovative hardware. Your website will be as fast as Youtube and Google.

Bitdos managed hosting is available across 5 continents for your needs. From Europe to Asia, no matter your location, your website is very fast. We use Google network for the CDN and Premium Tier bandwidth, not just standard peering network.


24 hours and 7 days a week

From performance to security, we are here to help you running your online business. We have experiences, research and development, technology partners, and passion.

Our Security Operation Engineers are ready monitoring malicious attempt from network layer to application layer.
You can contact us using live chat, but we recommend to use a ticket for more descriptive issues. Technical issues is hard to solve by phone and can be missed of information, but if you want to remind us by phone, you can call +442080892300.

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Need some help? browse our knowledge base or submit a ticket.

Free Migration

No more worries to move your website to us. Join our fast networks today!

Multi Payment

You can pay using Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, and Paypal.

24/7 Support

Premium and friendly support team to assist your business. No more worries!

Our clients speak

Don’t here from us only!

Web Application Firewall

We have complex integrated website and application on our business. Our IT engineers are overwhelmed because we need to check vulnerability and threat which can wreck us any day. At first, we try Bitdos. It is what we need. Bitdos manages the security stuff using what they called machine learning without our interference. Now our IT engineers can focus on what they do, technical stuff, and our business can run pretty well.

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DDOS protection

it was a nightmare. Our engineer was not ready enough. Bitdos found out it was Slowloris DDOS attack. They mitigated it. Glad we are using Bitdos now.

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Business Continuity

We used to use hosting from other provider. But our website was hit by malware due to vulnerability in their server. it took a month for us to fix it. We don't care about hosting cost anymore. Reliability and fast availability are very important for our business continuity. We trust Bitdos to protect our online business. Thanks!

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Hundreds of clients and growing

We keep good relationship to our clients and partners
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