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Rapid Business needs the power of cloud computing

An advantage of Bitdos managed enterprise hosting is the reduction in hardware cost. Instead of purchasing in-house equipment, hardware needs are left to the vendor. For companies that are growing rapidly, new hardware can be a large, expensive, and inconvenience.

Bitdos managed enterprise hosting alleviates these issues because resources can be acquired quickly and easily. Even better, the cost of repairing or replacing equipment is passed to us. Running infrastructure for over 10,000 clients doesn’t come cheap, so keeping your spending within budget is paramount for your business.

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We save you 90% over our competitors. Each month!

Why you pay more if you can pay for less? You can get better business income by decreasing your hosting cost. More profitable for your business needs. We provide Nginx, Redis, and RediSearch on Enterprise managed hosting products. If you use ElasticSearch from them, you need to pay $100/month. We provide better solution using RediSearch at no additional cost.

Powered by Intel Cascade Lake, your web site and application will perform fast and efficient. Not just replication, our database server can operate on back-up data center synchronously. Bitdos performance is native and efficient on the cloud using load balancing to spread your website load even it's the busiest traffic at the time. Your subscribed plans will automatically extend the core and RAM to serve if there is spike traffic because of visitors. Powered by Google data center and their premium tier network, our performance and 24/7 support team is second to none.

Connect intelligence across data, things, networks, and the cloud so we can respond quickly to make every moment secure. Our system is natively integrated in the cloud in every layer protection, front end, back end, and network level. We make sure the security by implementing machine learning, artificial intelligence, DDOS protection layer 3, 4, and 7 attack and load balanced it to our clustered firewall layer which can scale and absorb the attack even the biggest one you get on by subscribing Bitdos Corporate.

Unlike other industry solutions, our DDoS protection does not have bottleneck dependency on limited scrubbing centers. Each of our points of presence globally hosts all Bitdos security services, enabling a distributed and automated mitigation model against any DDoS attack. Each of our points of presence is implemented with enterprise technology, like php 7, Apache Nginx, Redis Object Cache, and RediSearch with backup across the data center. Nothing to worry of data corruption.

Basic Plans
Google Data Center
Premium Bandwidth
Anycast Network
High Availability Architecture
Load Balancer
Enterprise Database Servers
Premium CDN by Google network
QUIC support
Add-on: Redis
Add-on: Nginx
Add-on: Hourly backup for 24 hours
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Better cost to scale your business

Free Migration

No more worries to move your website to us. Join our fast networks today!

Multi Payment

You can pay using Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, and Paypal.

24/7 Support

Premium and friendly support team to assist your business. No more worries!

Our clients speak

Don’t here from us only!

Web Application Firewall

We have complex integrated website and application on our business. Our IT engineers are overwhelmed because we need to check vulnerability and threat which can wreck us any day. At first, we try Bitdos. It is what we need. Bitdos manages the security stuff using what they called machine learning without our interference. Now our IT engineers can focus on what they do, technical stuff, and our business can run pretty well.

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DDOS protection

it was a nightmare. Our engineer was not ready enough. Bitdos found out it was Slowloris DDOS attack. They mitigated it. Glad we are using Bitdos now.

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Business Continuity

We used to use hosting from other provider. But our website was hit by malware due to vulnerability in their server. it took a month for us to fix it. We don't care about hosting cost anymore. Reliability and fast availability are very important for our business continuity. We trust Bitdos to protect our online business. Thanks!

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Hundreds of clients and growing

We keep good relationship to our clients and partners
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