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When downtime isn’t an option anymore

As your hosted infrastructure becomes more complex, so does the task of managing it. A Managed Enterprise Hosting solution from Bitdos can help your business grows. We will partner with your IT team to design a hosting solution for your business challenges, and free your staff from the tedious task of managing it. You will have a single point of contact, and your dedicated account manager will work with our enterprise teams to build, test, deploy, and manage your hosting environment.

Because we’re committed to keeping you up and running, we offer a range of competitive SLAs across our technology products. When hosted at Bitdos, we provide a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee. Bitdos technology is redundant, even we backup the backup disk.

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Managed Hosting Packages

Choose from our extensive packages of customizable managed hosting offerings to stay in control of your website environment without getting knocked down by managing day-to-day operations.

Load Balanced Solutions

When your application begins to challenge the resources of a single server, consider a load balanced solution. By adding additional servers and replicating content between machines, our load balancers can intelligently distribute traffic between machines to keep your application performing at peak levels.

For load balanced solutions, file replication is required to keep each server in sync. Bitdos offers several managed file replication solutions to make this process simple.

  • Ability to consult with an engineer on the best solutions for your business.
  • Solutions designed in house with engineers available for advanced support without the wait.
  • More than 50% of Enterprise staff have more than five years experience with our clients.
  • A custom solutions providing for every business needs.

DDOS Attack Protection and Mitigation

Bitdos DDoS Protection covers every stage of defending your business against DDoS attacks. Our DDoS mitigation service automatically blocks fake traffic and requests from malicious bots, without interfering with your legitimate traffic sources. Our cloud-based network can mitigate large network attacks (Layer 3 & 4), and Layer 7 attacks against web applications.

Our cyber security intelligence experts continuously monitor the DDoS threat landscape, working to identify planned attacks which could be directed into your business.

  • Machine Learning technology for real-time traffic inspection.
  • Highly scalable and failover cleaning centers in every point of presence.
  • The dedicated SOC team of Bitdos experts is available 24/7.
  • Remote DDOS mitigation is available upon request.

Solution for high-risk business

Designed redundant in multi data center for high-risk business. Effective traffic management implementations depend on secure, well performing internet routes and healthy, available endpoints.

Bitdos can help keep your site or app compliant, PCI DSS, HIPAA. Bitdos can help you design a hosting environment to meet all applicable security standards. In addition our scanning service not only checks to see if your environment is compliant, but also provides twice-a-day scans to ensure services are kept up to date and any new security vulnerabilities are resolved immediately. Compliance is expensive on infrastructure. With Bitdos, nothing to worry about.

  • Artificial Intelligence technology for high-risk attacks.
  • High availability database provides instant data replication between two data center.
  • DDOS protection in multi data center during large traffic spikes and massive DDOS attacks.
  • Well-designed to follow high standard compliant, PCI DSS, HIPAA on cloud premise.
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Web Application Firewall

We have complex integrated website and application on our business. Our IT engineers are overwhelmed because we need to check vulnerability and threat which can wreck us any day. At first, we try Bitdos. It is what we need. Bitdos manages the security stuff using what they called machine learning without our interference. Now our IT engineers can focus on what they do, technical stuff, and our business can run pretty well.

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DDOS protection

it was a nightmare. Our engineer was not ready enough. Bitdos found out it was Slowloris DDOS attack. They mitigated it. Glad we are using Bitdos now.

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Business Continuity

We used to use hosting from other provider. But our website was hit by malware due to vulnerability in their server. it took a month for us to fix it. We don't care about hosting cost anymore. Reliability and fast availability are very important for our business continuity. We trust Bitdos to protect our online business. Thanks!

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