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Combination of Performance and Reliability

Bitdos offers extensive managed hosting on enterprise infrastructure with premium bandwidth and friendly support.
Bitdos system is hybrid. It protects your online business natively without your interference anymore.

Stay safe with our broad range of products and packages.

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Bitdos Managed Hosting (BMH) is built on Enterprise Infrastructure. You should focus on growing your business, let us handle your website and do the technical stuff. Always running, monitored, and scaling on-demand. We keep the lights on, thus you can run your business well.
We got you covered on every level.
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Painless Resource Scaling

Bitdos managed enterprise hosting solution features scalability, multi-regional data centers, premium hardware, state of the art security, and premium tier network. Our system is designed to serve from personal, professional, SOHO, company, working with large volume and high-demanding online business with absolute stability and uptime. Our system is well-prepared for demanding events, like traffic surges, peak times and increased downloads.


State-of-the-art Technology Stack

Deliver faster site speed and increased stability using widely known technology. We help you deliver your business using cutting-edge technology Redis Labs as object caching, Nginx as reverse proxy, PHP 7, Apache, opcache for your code stability, RediSearch and many more as Bitdos Premium features included in every plans.

Redundant hardware is implemented on our system with off-site back up in different data center. Replication of database is well-prepared to protect your important database from data corruption and any internal disaster which is caused by hardware failure.

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World-Class Security is Managed by SOC Team

We protect your website with secure infrastructure, carefully configured access to resources, and best practices around data safety and retention. Bitdos runs security checks and prevention to proactively monitor network, server, and application resources.

Our unique infrastructure and security capabilities give our customers the peace of mind they need to deliver good online business experiences. We check your code for any malicious or backdoor which can harm your business.
Better to be alert at the beginning.


Redundant Hardware and Disaster Recovery around the clock

Our system is designed based on different level to provide high availability with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that can keep your business-critical website up and running. Bitdos SOC (Security Operational Center) team is standby and stay monitored and informed for any mission-critical situation.

Whether you need help backing up important databases or implementing a complex replication solution across data centers, we have the expertise, technologies and services that your plan needs.

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Fully Integrated to Deliver Your Businesses to Global Audience

We integrate business, machines and data intelligently. You can focus on your business while we are doing the technical stuffs. We can predict, detect, contain and mitigate cybersecurity issues – in real time. All before threats become problems for you and your customers. When you secure your business in digital time, you’re always a step ahead.