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How to use voucher / coupon code?

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In order to use voucher/coupon code within our billing system, you need to be registered and able to login Bitdos Bill Manager.

Order the plan

Find the best plan that suits with your needs. If you’d like to order Bitdos Premium, you may follow this link. Bitdos Corporate is available by clicking here.

Click on “GET STARTED” to move forward to Bitdos Bill Manager

Login to Bitdos Bill Manager

Bitdos Bill manager needs your credential to be processed for payment purpose. If you forgot your password, please use “Password Recovery” link, thus we will proceed the password recovery.

If you don’t have credential, you need to register using your own details and email address. Keep your details privately and safely.

Insert promo code

Insert your promo/voucher code on “Promo Code” column. Then press “Apply”. The amount will be deducted automatically based on the promo code.

Check our news, website, and promotion on other places. If you have difficulties while applying the promo code, don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat. But we recommend to submit ticket to our Sales Department. We would be happy to help your shorting this out. After the promo code successfully applied, submit your order by clicking “Proceed to payment”.

After your payment has been confirmed and activated, well done! You’re part of Bitdos family.

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