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Combination of Performance and Reliability

Highly Available and Load Balanced cloud cluster. Designed to serve your website from multiple cloud servers. Your website data is stored on persistent disks and is encrypted under 256-bit AES using enterprise standard.

You also experience the enhanced performance, control and security that makes our managed hosting environments ideal for mission-critical and I/O-intensive applications — all backed by 24x7x365 support.


Fight web attacks in seconds

Our WAF operates through a set of rules often called policies. These policies aim to protect against vulnerabilities in the application by filtering out malicious traffic. Using WAF page rules for application layer (L7) attacks, or another filtration process to handle lower level (L3/L4) attacks such as memcached or NTP amplification, a network is able to mitigate the attempt at disruption.

It protects your website from the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities by default, including SQLi, RCE, XSS; XXE, path traversal, brute-force, credential stuffing, SSRF. When we identify a new threats, we will take a sample, compare the pattern, update into our database, then we automatically block it from our network.

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Multi Layer Protection from DDOS and Bad Bots

Automated DDOS and Bots attacks can overwhelm website resource. Bitdos can help to protect your website against the most prevalent attacks, without having to update the website itself.

Properly implemented DDoS mitigation is what keeps websites online during an attack. Explore the process of DDoS mitigation and the important characteristics to look for in a service.
Bitdos DDoS protection network responds to an incoming identified threat by intelligently dropping malicious bot traffic, and absorbing the rest of the traffic.


Putting machine learning for security needs natively

Bitdos machine learning gives additional security layer the ability to work together with the WAF itself, creating a similar synergy to that between a pilot and their aircraft. Machine learning can teach the WAF to get better detection rate at its job by reducing false positives and negatives, without blocking good traffic.

Machine learning is conducted continuously, thus Bitdos adapts to any application changes with no manual reconfiguration. Bitdos creates a profile to detect deviations and to protect against behavior-based attacks.

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Focus on high-risk attacks

Bitdos automatically analyzes thousands of events to find attacks that present high risk and groups them into security incidents using artificial intelligence. AI learns from stateless traffic to deconstruct application logic and create application-specific rules. The rules are updated dynamically.

AI runs a three-layered machine learning engine to reconstruct applications' business-logic, identify their endpoints, data boundaries and normal user behaviors; all based on the data collected from Bitdos SOC. Customized security rules are then deployed to Bitdos stack.


We provide these state-of-the-art technology in every plans with no additional cost. All are included as Premium features. Premium features for your business. Extend what you have with special needs, available from the beginning.
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[Redis] Object Cache

Redis is an open-source, in-memory data store used as a database, cache and message broker. Automate your Redis hosting and management and deploy, monitor, backup, and scale in the cloud through one centralized platform.

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[NGINX] Web Server and Reverse Proxy

Nginx is open-source web server that is now also used as reverse proxy, http cache, and load balancer. Nginx is faster and being used by high-profile companies for its performance and stability, especially in situations with static content and high concurrent requests websites.

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[RediSearch] Analytics Engine

RediSearch is dedicated engine based on modern and optimized data-structures. It runs natively on DRAM and Persistent Memory. It is faster than ElasticSearch. Indexing billions of documents using RediSearch like never before. RediSearch has faster performance than Elasticsearch.

Enterprise technology for better performance